- What we do

Enterprise Networking

“We have complete end to end solution comprising of world class quality certified products and services. Having strong technical team and in house resources like Penta scanners, RF optimization software’s we can conceptualize, create and implement the state of the art network. ”

For any organization transportation of Data,Video , and Voice is very crucial and business processes are highly dependent on this infrastructure. We offer reliable, scalable and robust network solutions to our customers. We deliver a network that is more dynamic, scalable and secure which in turn deliver the unmatchable performance.

Recent Advancement in technology leads to converged data, voice and video network solutions. We have expertise to deliver these solutions to simplify network, reduce capital and operating expenditure. We have expertise in helping our clients to integrate with multi vendor solutions to specific client requirement.

Wired Network

Takyon has a strong capability to design and deliver a reliable network. We have following given expertise to create a state of art Wired network.

  • Design, Implement, operate and maintain
  • Solutions to large campus on Optical fiber and UTP for Voice, data, and video
  • LAN Infrastructure Audit and Analysis

Any Organization can take our expertise to implement a wired network as per their requirement.

Wireless Network

Now a Days organizations are moving towards wireless solutions due to phenomenal transformation in mobility segment. We have a capability to design and deliver indoor and outdoor wireless enabled network. We have following wireless solutions for our customers.

  • Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Outdoor Wireless network
  • Indoor Wifi hotspot for hospitality and public hotspots.
  • Campus Wifi Solutions.

We also have expertise in AAA, BYOD wireless secured solutions.

Data Center

As organizations are adopting IT measures so their requirement for data management is increased drastically. We have certified professionals who simplify your data center operations and enable your applications to perform better. We have complete range of solution for computing, Data center switching and security in converged and hyper-converged data center establishments.

Enterprise data center is a crucial and a key element which enables a client to optimize and maximize their business goals. IT managers are heading towards converged and hyper-converged network.

Takyon is a leading System Integrator of industry-standard, purpose-built, application-specific, converged - networking, compute server and storage Racks systems platforms.

We simplify the deployment of large scale, complex private and public cloud infrastructure projects. By utilizing validated reference designs built with pre-certified, modular converged cloud compute, networking, and storage platforms, risks and complexity for these projects are mitigated and minimized. To assure a plug-and-play customer experience, complex converged cloud systems are integrated and tested as a complete system.

Software Defined Network (SDN)

A network that is agile, secure and can accommodate rapid network configuration changes can be a major enabler for cloud and mobility.

This agility, integrated and secure network is easily achieved with the deployment of a Software Defined Network (SDN)

Such a network built on SDN can be an accelerator for business by increasing agility and speed to market. It's operational efficiency can reduce risk and enhances user experience.

Whether you want to increase speed to market. protect internal resources with a distributed firewall, or burst to the cloud with your application, the answer is a SDN.

Implementing Security into the SDN: SDN Security differs in significant ways from traditional network security, and it actually offers better security management.

You can also automate security configurations and enforce security compliance to predetermined policies.